Can I block another Hip user?

We're all about creating an awesome experience for you, and if, by any chance, you encounter any hiccups with another user on our platform, please contact our Hip Support Team, so they can review the concerns and offer guidance. Hip currently does not have a "block buyer" option. However, a Seller may refuse service in some, limited, situations.

For example, if you have experienced multiple issues with transactions when dealing with a specific buyer. In such a case, we recommend that you communicate with the buyer, and explain the situation, and ask that they withhold from making any further purchases from you. If the buyer then continues to make additional purchases from you, in most situations it would be acceptable to cancel the transaction. If the buyer has already paid, a full refund, including shipping, must be issued.

If a buyer has already made additional purchases from a Seller, before the Seller communicated their position asking the buyer to withhold future purchases, we recommend that the existing purchases be completed as-is.

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We take these situations very seriously and can assist with blocking communication and addressing accounts if needed.

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