Why am I receiving a feedback reminder for a canceled order?

Feedback is an important part of the Hip community and helps build trust. As such, all orders on Hip are eligible to receive feedback - even if the order has been canceled.

Since feedback can be left on all orders, including canceled orders, if you haven't yet left feedback on any order, including canceled orders, you'll see a reminder to do so in the Members Area.

What type of feedback should be left on a canceled order?

As with feedback left for any order, the goal is to convey your overall experience with the other members. With this in mind, if your overall experience was positive, and/or you and the other member mutually agreed to cancel the order, you can leave positive feedback.

On the other hand, if you are not happy with the overall experience, you can leave neutral or negative feedback accordingly. However, we do always recommend that you first try to resolve any outstanding items with the other member before leaving neutral or negative feedback - if appropriate.

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